How long will it take to ship my item?
Items will be shipped every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, after payment is received. Please allow up to 6 weeks for orders to arrive, this is mainly due to the shirts being sent from Australia and everywhere else being quite far away!

How do I contact you?
Feel free to leave a comment on the contact page, or send an email to info@stringsofcolour.com, or send a tweet our way! (@stringsofcolour)

What’s your return policy?
Unfortunately there are no returns, so please buy wisely! If the goods were somehow damaged along the way, please send an email and I’ll reimburse the costs to return the item. After the item is back with me, I will refund your money in full.

Where are your tshirts printed?
Right here in Sydney! Tshirts are sourced from AS colour, and screen printed in the TenBuckTees factory.

Will you make a ______ themed shirt? Do you take suggestions?
Yes, suggestions are very welcome! I will take all of them into consideration. Again, you can leave a comment here or send a tweet.

You don’t have my size! How long till you restock?
That all depends on the demand. If you want a certain shirt, but there are no sizes left, please leave a comment so I know, and I’ll definitely look into getting it printed for you.

Do you ship to all countries?
Yes. Unless it’s illegal to own tshirts in your country.. or something.

What are your washing instructions?
Tshirts have been pre-shrunk, but it’s recommended to not tumble-dry your tshirts.